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sarah & vince | mgm vegas wedding

Great love story!   Sarah was Vince’s FedEx delivery girl.  Every day like clockwork, he’d see a hot FedEx girl delivering packages to his job, and would always think, “you look way too good to be a courier.”  Little did Vince know, they actually shared quite a few of the same friends, and Sarah also worked at a bar where he would meet his friends for drinks.  Sarah also looked a lot different at her bar job than when delivering packages.  After a number of times seeing her at the bar, he finally asked, “are you my hot FedEx girl?”  From that point forward their love story started…….

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diana josefina | 14 days old

Diana’s arrival could not come soon enough for her very excited family.   We could immediately feel the excitement when she came in for newborn portrait session. Her big sister Jasmine helped with the little details through out the entire photo session to make sure everything was just right.  Diana is a perfect little lady. LorenzFoto_Diana_Josafina 004jpgLorenzFoto_Diana_Josafina 006_ALorenzFoto_Diana_Josafina 009_ALorenzFoto_Diana_Josafina 017LorenzFoto_Diana_Josafina 018_A

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