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alisa + joshua | angel park

It’s A Match!   Joshua and Alisa met on  Match.com!  Alisa initiated the first email, but admits she almost didn’t send it!  She was leaving for a vacation to Spain and didn’t know if it was worth her time to email someone who might not want to wait three weeks to meet.   After giving it a bit of thought, she went with her instinct and decided to email Joshua figuring the worst he could say is no.  Joshua responded immediately.  After corresponding a few times prior to her departure, he had no problem with waiting until she returned to meet, he even suggested using the time for them to get to know each other by email.
Alisa admits visiting the historic sites around Spain was great, but she was more excited to find the nearest internet cafe or log on to the hotel’s computer to read Joshua’s most recent email! A month later, they had their first date on the 4th of July and the fireworks have gone off ever since.  A little more than two and a half years after hitting the “Send” button, Alisa  married her “Match!”
Thank you to Angel Park Las Vegas for a lovely ceremony and reception and to Myrna Loughery’s keen eye as my second photographer for the day.




spectacular bride magazine | las vegas



Love the rhinestone bling on the head piece and waist trimming.

Love the rhinestone bling on the head piece and waist trimming.

Eriko modeling a sweat heart cut ballroom gown by Celebrations, Allure Couture

Eriko modeling a sweetheart cut ballroom gown by Celebrations, Allure Couture



Love this shot!

I just love this shot!  ~ Lorenz


josett + craig | southern utah

Southern Utah’s autumn season is like no other place in the southwest region of the United States.  The surrounding area out and inside Zion National Park were blazing with brilliant colors of golden yellows, sunny oranges, various shades of brown and fiery reds that glow through out the day.  Our creator is an awesome artist!

Josett and Craig’s love for each other was equally or surpassed all of the natural beauty, they were beaming with affection.  Their love for the outdoors was very fitting and a perfect setting for a fall wedding.

This without a doubt is one of the prettiest natural setting weddings we have ever documented.  It was a pleasure to be in harmony with the ambiance of all the elements on Josett and Craig’s special day.

lorenzfoto__13 06 15__0072.jpglorenzfoto__13 06 15__0050.jpg
lorenzfoto__13 06 15__0051.jpg
lorenzfoto__13 06 15__0052.jpg
lorenzfoto__13 06 15__0053.jpg
lorenzfoto__13 06 15__0054.jpg
lorenzfoto__13 06 15__0055.jpg
lorenzfoto__13 06 15__0056.jpg
lorenzfoto__13 06 15__0057.jpg
lorenzfoto__13 06 15__0058.jpg

lorenzfoto__13 06 15__0061.jpg
lorenzfoto__13 06 15__0062.jpg
lorenzfoto__13 06 15__0063.jpglorenzfoto__13 06 15__0065.jpg
lorenzfoto__13 06 15__0064.jpglorenzfoto__13 06 15__0079.jpg
lorenzfoto__13 06 15__0078.jpg
lorenzfoto__13 06 15__0077.jpg
lorenzfoto__13 06 15__0076.jpg
lorenzfoto__13 06 15__0060.jpg
lorenzfoto__13 06 15__0075.jpg
lorenzfoto__13 06 15__0074.jpg
lorenzfoto__13 06 15__0073.jpg

lorenzfoto__13 06 15__0071.jpg
lorenzfoto__13 06 15__0070.jpg
lorenzfoto__13 06 15__0068.jpg
lorenzfoto__13 06 15__0067.jpg
lorenzfoto__13 06 15__0066.jpg

lorenzfoto__13 06 15__0081.jpglorenzfoto__13 06 15__0080.jpglorenzfoto__13 06 15__0082.jpg

edwards family | dry lake bed

Jason and Marcy first met in kindergarten back in Ohio.  Recently, Jason showed me a photo of them holding hands when they were five-years old, who would have figured how destiny brought them together.  They always had this innocent attraction for each other but after graduating high school life took them down different paths.  After many years they found each other and caught up on their past and future dreams.  BAM they fell in love!!!!  They decided to marry when Jason was stationed on an  un-accompanied  tour at Kadena Air Force Base in Okinawa, Japan.  After some time apart they reunited in Las Vegas with their kids and this life long partnership is moving forward with lots of laughter, respect and love.

We took a ride south of Las Vegas to the dry lake beds and had a great session.


lighting a candle for hope

lighting a candle for hope

Jason Edwards - December 22, 2013 - 2:08 pm

These photos are absolutely amazing, Mr. C. This photo shoot with you and Marylou will remain one of my fondest memories of our time in Vegas.

Marcy - December 22, 2013 - 2:14 pm

These pictures took my breath away! Thank you for capturing the fun memories that we will never forget. I am amazed that you were able to pull these shots off as we lost the daylight. Thank you a million times over!

help portrait 2013 | las vegas

Each December for the last five years, Las Vegas photographers, make-up artists, hair dressers and other generous local businesses have visited the Shannon West Homeless Youth Center to take portraits of the teens residing at the center. It’s the teens special day to forget about life’s hardships and to get pampered.  For me taking portraits is my life and to have had the opportunity to give back and watch the joy the teens experienced when we delivered their prints was priceless.

Jeremy Cowart , a Nashville native and fellow photographer founded Help Portrait.  His organization’s mission statement is about GIVING the pictures, not taking them.  The portraits are not for portfolio, website, or for sale. Money isn’t involved.  More importantly, Help Portrait mobilizes the photography, make-up artists and hair dressers communities to give back by finding someone in need, take their portrait, print the portrait and deliver them.

For more information visit the Help Portrait website.  This year’s Las Vegas Help Portrait project was a great team effort by everyone involved as we came together as one.


Here’s a collection of my portraits with the kids and fellow vendors. Thanks everyone for letting me to take your portrait.


Kittie - December 7, 2013 - 9:32 pm

WONDERFUL Lorenz simply beautiful!! WOWWWW I think ALL of Santa’s Elves are over assisting you tonight! How the heck did you do this so quickly??
Thank you,

Miri - December 7, 2013 - 11:47 pm

This is absolutely beautiful!
What a great idea!

Kathy Sue Boyd - December 8, 2013 - 9:51 am

This was an awesome event. You REALLY captured some beautiful smiles!!!

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