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jason + harley d | midday sun

As a Las Vegas portrait photographer it is all about dealing with shadows, highlights and understanding how everything in between works in harmony to create an image.   Unfortunately, I don’t always get the opportunity to determine what time of day I can photograph a client in their environment but I have to come home with the goods to earn my pay check.   One of the greatest challenges to making a full tonal image during midday is to overpower the sun with my flash, move to shade or shine a reflector on your subject to avoid harsh contrasty tones.  Must photographers favor running to shade to avoid the nasty results of raccoon eyes or a backlit scenario on their subject.   Not one to avoid a challenge, I place my subject in between myself and the sun to create texture, dimension and mood.  In the below photo I knew the sun would illuminate Jason and Harley’s right side, I exposed for the background and I had to balance out the shadows his face with an off camera flash left of the subject and this is what I came up with.   Give me a call for your portrait. 

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